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How Much Is Waste Removal?

Humans make waste, and this is simply a fact of life. If you own your own property or business, waste removal is something you will need to figure out at some point. You may be wondering exactly what waste removal services offer, and you are probably also asking yourself this question: How much is waste removal?

This article aims to provide you with this important information so you know which waste removal services are right for your residential or commercial property.

Household Waste Removal

In the UK and Wales, waste removal from locations that are considered to be domestic in nature should be free of charge unless the property is in a location that is very difficult to reach. There are also a few other stipulations as far as this goes.

For you to get your domestic waste disposed of for no charge, it needs to fit into the bin you have, it cannot be garden or clinical waste, it has to be under 25 kilograms in weight, it cannot contain electronics, and it cannot have been produced at a location that is not domestic, such as your business or a penal institution.

The properties that are considered to be domestic include houses, apartment buildings, condominiums, townhouses, duplexes, caravans, in-patient care facilities, nursing homes, educational establishments, and places of worship.

So, you are probably wondering, what do waste removal services usually cover without charging a fee? Waste services will handle all of the general waste you have, as well as any recyclable materials that you toss into your recycling bin.


You should not dispose of things such as thin plastic wrap, lightbulbs, styrofoam, or sealable plastic bags in your recycling bin—these are all materials that are considered to be general waste. 

Although domestic waste services will pick up the normal recyclable materials such as plastics, paper, glass, cardboard, aluminium cans, tin cans, and cartons, they will not pick up some of your electronics or appliances without a fee being applied. 

For items like those, you can also hire a private company that will handle the recycling of these materials for you for a reasonable fee, though this amount can vary depending on the size of the item. 

Keep in mind that smaller electronics and appliances, such as microwaves and computers, can sometimes be free to dispose of, but larger appliances, such as refrigerators and old ovens, are typically around £20 to get rid of, which is still quite reasonable.

If you find that you are disposing of smaller electronics every month, you can always request a WEEE bin from the waste collection service so you can simply put them in there. 

Non-General Domestic Waste

Domestic waste that is not picked up by your local waste collector includes garden waste, any hazardous materials, such as paint and batteries, and the recyclable materials mentioned above. For these items, you have the option of hiring a private company to dispose of them. 

If you only have a single bag of garden waste that you need disposed of, it can be as inexpensive as around £10 to get it removed from your residence. 

Naturally, for larger heaps of materials, it can get a bit costlier. This is usually not the case unless you are talking about commercial waste, which brings us to the next section.

Commercial Waste Removal

In the case of businesses, a different type of waste removal service is necessary—one that is designed to handle commercial waste. Waste that is produced by a business, unlike household waste, can vary greatly in size, material, and risk for handling.

This means that commercial waste collection services need to be ready for multiple possible scenarios. These services are especially necessary for specific industries where toxic or bio-hazardous materials are used, such as large-scale laboratories and medical clinics.

How Much Is Waste Removal

The costs of waste removal can vary quite a bit depending on the company you get services from and what you need disposed of, as well as how much material you need to remove from the location. Also, the risk involved in handling certain hazardous and toxic materials can result in a higher cost for proper disposal.

If your company is in the field of construction, or if you are doing construction work at a commercial location, you will most likely need to invest in a skip, which is a large waste receptacle that is dropped off and picked up by the waste collection service you use. 

These typically run for around £75, though this price rises with the larger-sized skips that are available. You will need to sit down and think about how much waste you think your construction project will generate to figure out which size skip would be ideal for your situation.

On the other hand, if you are disposing of a small amount of commercial waste, and are only in need of a small hippo bag to fit it all into, you will probably end up paying around just £12. As you can see, the cost really all depends on how much you need to dispose of. 

Also, if your business is in a location that is very far from the closest waste collection service, or if it is difficult to reach for whatever reason, you may be charged additional fees, so this is something to consider when picking out the service you require.

Final Notes

As you can see, waste collection services are a lot more affordable than one might expect, and they handle disposing of many different kinds of materials. Without these services, there would be piles of waste all over, just as it most likely looked hundreds of years ago.

Hopefully, this article enlightened you as to the vast nature of the waste collection industry, as well as helped you to figure out roughly how much you will be spending on the specific services you require. Better yet, hopefully, it has answered this question: how much is waste removal?

Pricing FAQ's

How Much Does it Cost To Clear Waste?

– 300+vat for full load
– 250+vat for 3/4 load
– 185+vat for half load
– 100+vat for 1/4 load
– 75+vat for minimum call out
– car tyre £10+vat
– fridge 50+vat
– light bulb 5+vat
– paint per ltr £5
– mattresses £30

Are Hippo Bags Cheaper Than Skips?

This depends on how much waste you’re looking to dispose of. You can purchase Hippo bags for as cheap as £11.99, you’ll need to have a skip or Man & Van removal service to get rid of your waste. Skips start at £75 whereas Man & Van prices start at £64. For more information, please see our skip sizing chart or contact our dedicated support team for more accurate pricing information.

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How Do I Get Rid of Garden Waste Milton Keynes?

We provide garden waste removal services in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, and across the UK! Contact us today and have your garden waste removed from your home or business.

Can I Take a Van To The TIp Milton Keynes?

Any van weighing more than 3.5 tonnes (gross laden weight) can’t be used to go to the tip in Milton Keynes, please check your local government’s website for more information, however, this is typical across all tip’s in the UK.

How Much Soil Can a Lorry Carry?

Grab lorries can typically take around 16 tonnes (12 cubic metres). This depends on the size of the van that you require. For more specific information for your needs, feel free to contact our dedicated support team.

How Does Grab Hire (Man & Van) Work?

Man & Van/Grab Hire is a term used within the industry for services relating to a van being sent out to your address to pick up your waste. For smaller loads Man & Van services are the most cost-effective method of having your waste removed. Simply place your rubbish into Hippo bags, leave the bags in an area that is easily accessible for our team and we’ll take care of the rest.

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